Oven Mittens


Oven mitts are the perfect kitchen accessory to protect your hands 

Are you reaching in the scorching hot oven with a folded up kitchen towel to handle your hot food? It’s time to upgrade your cooking experience and make it safer and easier. It’s time to gear up and protect yourself with an oven mitt.

Oven mittens are great when handling that sizzling hot cast iron skillet or that scolding hot pizza stone. It’s also great protection when handling a pot of boiling hot water or that creamy mac n cheese in the dutch oven.

Make sure you feel comfortable handling those hot items – keeps them free from burns. Here are the best ones according to our foodie community.

Top Picks According to foodies in the CRAVVE App Community


1. Cusinart Oven Mitt with Non-Slip Silicone Grip 

Cuisinart Oven Mitt With Non-Slip Silicone Grip


This set of 2 glove-shaped silicone over mitts candle the heat – resistant to up to 500 degrees F. Plus, the extra-long design will protect your fingers to your forearms. Great for your kitchen or as a housewarming gift. These mitts are well priced, good quality, and easy to clean. Now you can keep your hands safe by keeping the heat out. They come in a variety of colors with grips to keep a stronghold on heavy items. They also have hooks for easy hanging access.  In addition, you can easily hand wash these gloves clean and lay them flat to dry. 


Quick Snapshot:

  • Heatproof oven mitts
  • Designed for both home cooks and bakers  
  • Extended design to protect hands and arms 
  • Non-slip ribbed grip for control 
  • Convenient to store with metal loop
  • Easy to hand wash clean  

2. OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt with Magnet

OXO Good Grips Silicone Oven Mitt With Magnet


This durable, single well-made glove has extra length for a variety of size hands. With these oven mittens you can handle heat and be safe up to 600 degrees F. It also is resistant to flame, stain, and steam.  It keeps your hands cool under the heat. The silicone grips very well no matter how hot the pan and pot are. It holds up well in the washing machine and dryer. In addition, it is convenient to store with a hanging loop or with an embedded magnet. 

Quick Snapshot:

  • Heat Safe – 500°F 
  • Flame, stain & steam resistant silicone grip
  • Soft, fabric liner for added insulation and comfort
  • Non-slip silicone ribs for improved dexterity and grip
  • Convenient storage with embedded Magnet and silicone hanging loop
  • Easy to clean with a damp cloth
  • Machine washable
  • 13” length for extra protection

3. Homwe Silicone Oven Mitts And Potholders

Homwe Silicone Oven Mitts And Potholders

Homwe Silicone Oven Mitts And Potholders – $24.97 on Amazon

Quick Overview:

This Mitt and Potholder combo is crafted with flexible and durable silicone. It’s ideal for moving or holding hot pans, plates, utensils, or dishware. The long design provides added protection to spare tender forearms from burns that can occur when your outdoor grill experiences a flare-up. Both the gloves and the trivet have textured surfaces to give added grip strength for improved control and stability over hot, heavy, or slick items. Unlike cotton potholders and oven mitts, these silicone oven mitts won’t absorb liquids. The silicone part of the glove is entirely waterproof which prevents steam scalds while cooking on the stovetop or draining boiled pasta. You can even use the glove to retrieve items from hot water.  In addition, these gloves and potholders are comfortable, flexible, and offer long-lasting, food-grade safe versatility.

Quick Snapshot:

  • Superior Hand, Wrist, and Counter Protection 
  • Heat-Resistant and Flame Retardant Silicone 
  • Textured, Non-Slip Grip 
  • Steam Resistant
  • Heavy-Duty Durability 

4. Grill Armor Gloves Oven Mitts

Grill Armor Gloves Oven Mitts


These all in one barbecue, oven mitt, and pot holder gloves are versatile for the  professional chef, avid home cook, or amateur home cook. With the highest heat resistance available at up to 932°F these mitts are perfect for the home cook or grill master. These heavy-duty gloves are high quality and made to last. They’re easy to clean and machine washable. In addition they are lightweight and flexible with five fingers flex design with silicone super grip, which gives you more control to grab cast irons or dutch oven hot handles. As a result, they are perfect for handling hot stuff from the microwave and instant pot. Because these gloves are insulated they will not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame. However, these gloves are not waterproof and shouldn’t be put in hot water. 

Quick Snapshot:

  • Highest heat resistant available up to 932°F
  • Easy to clean, Machine washable with a handy hook for hanging
  • Plus get a FREE E-Book gift with grilling tips and techniques
  • All in one barbecue gloves, oven mitts, or pot holders
  • Thick but lightweight and flexible with five fingers flex design and silicone super-grip 
  • Insulated by M-ARAMID & P-ARAMID fabrics(same as Nomex and Kevlar), Will not catch fire or melt when exposed to an open flame

5. Homwe Professional Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitt

Homwe Professional Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitt


With protection up to 450°F, these oven gloves from Homwe can handle the heat. Plus, with quilted cotton lining, they also offer comfort while cooking. They are also extra long to protect forearms from burns that occur from outdoor grill flare-ups. They will not catch fire or melt when used near a flame. These gloves are also steam resistant and waterproof which makes them great for handling hot liquids but also can handle hot plates and dishware that may need to be removed from a microwave.  The gloves also offer silicone textured non-slip grip, which provides the flexibility, control, and stability needed to have confidence in the kitchen. In addition, these gloves are easy to clean and machine washable. As a result, you won’t have to worry about them tearing, thinning, or fraying. 

Quick Snapshot:

  • Heat-Resistant  
  • Extra Long – At 14.7” inches long
  • Steam Resistant and Waterproof  
  • Textured, Non-Slip Grip  
  • Easy to Clean and Machine Washable  

6. Frux Home And Yard Silicone Oven Mitts

Frux Home And Yard Silicone Oven Mitts


Frux Home And Yard Silicone Oven Mitts – $14.95 on Amazon


These mitts are heavy-duty with an outer layer made with 100% BPA free waterproof silicone. Despite being heavy duty they’re soft and comfortable on the inside with a  liner that’s 50% cotton and 50% polyester. These gloves are safe and reliable. Plus, they have a patterned grip which will give you the confidence to hold on to heavy and hot pots, baking trays, or dutch ovens in the kitchen. They’re also easy to clean with water and soap. In addition, the inner liner can be pulled out to clean separately. As a result, this is a great gift for any cook or a housewarming. 

Quick Snapshot:

  • Heat resistant
  • Safe And Easy To Use 
  • Super Grip  
  • Designed To Be Very Easy To Clean 
  • Perfect Gift For Any Cook

7. San Jamar Cool Touch Flame Oven Mitts

San Jamar Cool Touch Flame Oven Mitts


This single reinforced WebGuard fabric mitt can protect from flames up to 900° F.  As a result, they provide extra heat and steam protection up to 535° F for 30 seconds. The kevlar stitch on these gloves will ensure maximum protection against flame, heat, and steam. They’re machine washable for a quick clean up. In addition, this single glove is designed for both left and right-hand use. As a result, it is convenient to store with both hanging loop and magnet. 

Quick Snapshot:

  • Intermittent Flame Protection up to 900° F  
  • Kevlar Stitching  
  • Integrated Storage
  • Easy to Clean – Machine washable for quick cleanup
  • Ambidextrous Design – Accommodates both left and right-hand use

We independently research the best products and then have our CRAVVE foodie community weigh in on which is the best products; We may receive commissions on purchases made from certain links. 

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