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Anyone else excited about indoor dining? Get the inside scoop on the latest plans in NYC and a unique perspective from Nick D’Ambrosio the blogger behind @drunkennewyork 

With a vaccine now available and glimpses of normalcy on the horizon – at the top of most foodies lists is indoor dining. In this blog post, you will learn more about the latest plans in NYC and what to expect over the next few months, and the experience. For foodies across the country, there is a lot to be excited for. While the Indoor Dining experience will take time to get back to ‘normal’ – it feel so close that we can almost taste it!

Here it is gang, the moment so many of us as patrons and operators have been waiting for! It has been nearly two months since NYC eateries were allowed to have guests sit indoors, and prior to the brief fall reopening, restaurants were closed to indoor dining for seven months.

Returning Back to Restaurant Life

Operators and patrons alike have been chomping at the bit to continue with restaurant life normalcy. Life as an operator has been a struggle to say the least. Many establishments have shuttered their doors for good, over 1,000 to be exact, while others battled harsh winter cold with outdoor setups and take-out business, hoping and praying Governor Cuomo would allow them to make a living soon.

Indoor dining will resume starting, Valentine’s Day, February 14th in NYC, but not without some restrictions and best practices to keep all of us healthy and safe. Restaurants, cafes, and eateries will be allowed to operate at 25% capacity, but some worry if this is enough.

For the smaller establishments, this means potentially 6-8 guests at a time, while the larger ones can serve 10 to 15 times that number of guests. Also Gov. Cuomo mentioned the above will only be allowed if the city continues to see declining Covid-19 positivity and hospitalization rates.

We all need to do our part, to make this a success

It is up to us as individuals to help our restaurant communities by continuing to practice social distancing, wearing our masks, washing our hands, being tested often to help lessen the spread of this pandemic, and if eligible and comfortable, getting the vaccine. The sooner we can battle this virus back, the sooner life can return to normal.

Please be patient. Restaurant owners and workers are trying their best to accommodate everyone, whether it be with take out, outdoor dining, or the upcoming indoor allowance. Remember the operators and staff are required to follow guidelines, rules, and best practices set forth by the CDC and local health officials to keep a safe environment for all of us, including but not limited to, temperature screening, tracing information, social distancing, as well as hygienic best practices. Furthermore, we need to mindful of the restaurant teams serving us, and the fact that they, too, are putting their life on the line, to accommodate us, as we start to enjoy this long-awaited dining shift. You can read about the aforementioned, and full list of best practices on the local NYC small business and health department websites.

We can do this together

Our community thanks all of you for your continued support and patronage, whether it be for outdoor dining, takeout, or soon to be indoor dining. Together when can help our local restaurants navigate through these tough times and keep ourselves and those around us healthy and safe. Cheers to seeing you at a table indoors soon!

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Have you had meals at the service bar? Or are curious about the service bar experience? Learn from local food influencer, Nick D’Ambrosio the blogger behind @drunkennewyork 

Every city has local restaurants with service bars that serve amazing meals and have a unique experience that only locals know about. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about why the service bar (pre-COVID) was such a unique experience. Even though we are currently in a pandemic, it won’t last forever, and these experiences are what we can look forward to, once indoor dining opens up again.

Restaurants: The Pandemic Experience

In these uncertain times, many of us are yearning to get back into a restaurant here in NYC; sit down to have a customary dining experience, and just feel normal again. While we do understand that safety of not only ourselves, but also those around us are of the utmost importance and should always be top of mind, it does not discount the fact that we are wanting indoor dining back in full swing sooner rather than later.

Missed but Not Forgotten

When dining out many of us have our “Go-To” areas of a restaurant; for example, some want to dine at a table, others outdoor spaces, and many at the bar. However, not many like to sit adjacent to the service area of the bar top in the restaurant. This obscure place at the bar, in my view, is the absolute best place to sit and is my favorite spot in any establishment.

The Service Bar: A Unique Vantage Point

Now this may be the view of an operator like myself, but no better place in a restaurant to get the current pulse of what is happening in any eatery in the world. For some reason, waitstaff, bartenders,
managers, and employees think that this coveted area of the restaurant is where they can voice
their frustrations, feelings, thoughts, opinions, and stories with the belief that anyone within
earshot, with exception of co-workers, are unable to hear them.

Possibly thinking no one is listening, but as we all know too well, in today’s world someone is always listening. For those of you that have worked in the industry, you know exactly what I am talking about and probably just chuckled out loud about it.

Behind the scenes and untold stories

Over the years, I have heard some of the most outrageous stories of staff members’ bizarre
escapades from the night before. And trust me, bizarre is an understatement. I have listened to
employees complain about co-workers, their section, guests, how unfair management can be etc
etc etc.

The simple truth is, no matter the location or how fancy or casual place it may be, the
conversation at the service bar is always the same and quite entertaining. So, when we are
released back into society here in NYC and able to dine out, try sitting near the service bar and
you will be amazed how exciting and amusing it can be. Cheers to seeing you all at the bar top

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Are you a food blogger interested in writing for Powered By Foodies? With thousands of subscribers, your content will reach an amazing audience of engaged foodies and food influencers. Write about your favorite recipe, local food or restaurants or share more about your amazing food business. Contact us by email at admin@poweredbyfoodies.com to learn more about the opportunity.

Are you curious about what Staten Island’s Project Brunch is about? Or are you looking for new Staten Island food to try? Learn from local food influencers, Foodie Rooney’s, the husband and wife bloggers behind @foodie_rooneys. 

Project Brunch is somewhere that we go frequently and one of our favorite brunch restaurants. For this entry, let’s stick to the sweeter side of brunch and cover some of their signature drinks and sweet treats.

Support Local Restaurants like Project Brunch

Before we dive in to this amazing place there’s something I want to discuss first. We are in a very difficult time in the world, due to COVID-19. Many states have not been able to open restaurants for indoor dining. Project Brunch is located in a borough of New York City so they fall in that category. So many restaurants are now having a hard time due to matters that are out of their control. If you want to help get them through these hard times head over to https://www.gofundme.com/f/help-save-project-brunch.

Local Must Try: Project Brunch Signature Shakes

If you decided on Project Brunch, no meal is complete without having one of their signature drinks. Different kind of candy themed shakes or frozen hot chocolates that look almost as good as they taste. My wife is the expert on these shakes so I went to her for a description and she did not fail me. “It’s heaven in a mason jar” and I couldn’t agree more.

You can get most of these drinks hot or cold, either way, you cannot go wrong.  If the drinks itself were not enough, the theme of the drink shows its form on top as a treat. Cosmic brownie shake? Enjoy a brownie with it. Carnival shake? Enjoy some cotton candy on top. The list can go on and on and they all hit it out of the park.

Weekly Specials or Standard Menu – It’s a Win-Win

The hard thing about project brunch is everything on the menu sounds amazing, but then they throw two specials at you that also sound just as amazing but these specials do not stay long, lasting only the week. I would say choose wisely but I can’t express enough; any choice you make will be a wise one.

Project Brunch Must Try: Reese’s Pancakes

The first special that I remember us getting were Reese’s pancakes. It was peanut butter and chocolate bliss. Each bite would take you on a ride of sweetness that you never want to get off. The pancakes are light and fluffy where it absorbs some of the peanut butter and chocolate to make each bite even more exquisite. If this special makes it back into the rotation I highly recommend it.

Project Brunch Must Try: Cinnabun Panckakes

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To follow up with some more pancakes we have the cinnabun pancakes. The only way this can be described is to have you think of the best pancakes you ever had, got it? Good. Now think of your favorite cinnabun you have had. Put them together into one magical bite and that’s what you have here. No other words are needed to describe this.

Project Brunch Must Try: Waffle Ice Cream Sandwich

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is image-15.png

Finally, we come to their take on the classic ice cream sandwich. Most ice cream sandwiches are cookies with ice cream in the middle but not here. We have a waffle sandwich. Like the pancakes, the waffle is also ultra light and fluffy and just perfectly made. The waffle makes the perfect host in encasing the chocolate and vanilla ice cream that this sandwich has to offer. Sprinkles? Not good enough how about some M&M’s. This massive treat can satisfy even those with the largest of sweet tooths.

These are just some highlights of the sweet side of brunch. There are many more options available and we are yet to find something we do not love. If sweet is not the way you want to go for brunch, don’t worry. I mentioned this was to talk about the sweeter side of brunch so I will just leave you with a picture of the savory side. Like the sweets, there is no wrong choice.

For more on food be sure to check us out on Instagram, Foodie_Rooneys. Our food adventure has still only just begun. Happy eating!