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Are you looking to try a smoothie delivery service? SmoothieBox is a must-try – healthy, delicious, convenient, easy, and customize-able. Learn more from the SmoothieBox team.

Want to feel better? Need to get more fruits and vegetables in your diet? Don’t have the time to prepare or cook healthy meals all the time? For so many, the answer to these questions is “yes!” SmoothieBox makes it easy and delicious for everyone to get more fruits and vegetables in their diet. SmoothieBox delivers organic, frozen smoothie mixes to your door each month, so you’re only 60 seconds away from a healthy breakfast, lunch, snack, or workout smoothie. With so many quick meal options out there, why is SmoothieBox the best?

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1. SmoothieBox Has 100% Organic Ingredients

Every thoughtfully-sourced ingredient that goes into a SmoothieBox smoothie mix is 100% organic. SmoothieBox’s fruits, vegetables, and seeds are pre-packaged into delicious smoothie portions and frozen at their peak of freshness. There’s absolutely no added sugar or artificial ingredients in SmoothieBox smoothie mixes—just wholesome ingredients, vitamins, and minerals as nature intended. With a full serving of fruits and vegetables in each portion, SmoothieBox’s smoothies are an easy, delicious, and healthy meal.


2. Vegetables Never Tasted So Good

All of SmoothieBox’s smoothie mixes are crafted by chefs for taste but balanced for nutrition. While you’re getting mostly fruit in other delivered smoothies, SmoothieBox’s smoothies are a delicious balance of organic vegetables, seeds, and fruit. When you drink SmoothieBox’s chocolate smoothie, you’d never guess that it’s made with kale! Unlike others, SmoothieBox’s mixes include healthy protein from seeds that helps you feel fuller longer. SmoothieBox’s seed ingredients, like sunflower and flax, are packed with omega-3s known to help improve heart health.

In addition to the essential fruits and vegetables, SmoothieBox mixes come with a smoothie chip. Unique to SmoothieBox, these frozen chips are how they fine-tune the flavor and boost each smoothie’s nutritional value with ingredients such as beetroot puree, cacao powder, sweet potato puree, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and more. The chips boost SmoothieBox smoothies with essential nutrients such as vitamin c, omega-3s, calcium, potassium, and more!


3. SmoothieBox Fits in Your Freezer

Don’t have extra room in your freezer? No problem! SmoothieBox’s smoothie mixes come in pouches that are easy to fit in any freezer space! You can store them on their own shelf or tuck them around other freezer items. They might be harder to find if you hide them behind the ice cream, but, unlike rigid cups, they will fit! With a freezer full of SmoothieBox smoothies, you’re only 60 seconds away from a delicious and healthy meal.

4. Customize Your SmoothieBox and Smoothie Delivery Mixes

With four delicious flavors to choose from, you can customize your SmoothieBox or opt for the variety pack to experience all the flavors. All of SmoothieBox’s smoothie mixes are delicious when blended with water. You can also customize them to your preferred tastes or dietary needs. Need a protein boost? Try a scoop of almond butter with SmoothieBox’s Green smoothie. Need more leafy greens in your diet, add a handful of spinach in with SmoothieBox’s chocolate mix, and you’ll never taste it! Want to improve gut health? Add a scoop of vanilla yogurt to SmoothieBox’s Orange smoothie mix, and it’ll taste like a creamsicle smoothie!


5. SmoothieBox is the Easiest Smoothie Delivery Service!

SmoothieBox members always get free shipping! Your frozen SmoothieBox is delivered to you in a 100% recyclable cardboard box (no styrofoam!) with dry ice, and each smoothie mix comes in a pouch that you can recycle with your grocery store bags. The moment your box ships, you’ll receive an email so you can track your order right to your door. When your order arrives, pop your frozen smoothie mixes in the freezer and recycle the box. It’s never been so easy and so good to eat so healthy!

Ready to feel better? Join the SmoothieBox family! Visit www.SmoothieBox.com »

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Written by Allison C.. Visit her on Instagram at @food_of_ct

Are you looking for new Connecticut food to try? Or curious what New Haven Style Pizza is all about? Learn from a local food influencer like Connecticut’s Allison C. the blogger behind @food_of_ct.

Every city has amazing local restaurants with secret food and menu items that only locals know about. In this blog post, you’ll learn more about Connecticut’s New Haven Style Pizza including Pepe’s, Modern, and Sally’s “Apizza” as well as a few other honorable mentions.

Connecticut Food Secrets Revealed: New Haven Style Pizza

If you’re local to Connecticut, you know that “apizza” and pizza are two very different things. Pronounced “ah-beets”, the style was created in New Haven by the legendary Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana. For it to be considered an apizza, some necessary characteristics are that the crust must be thin, chewy, and charred.

The Great Apizza Debate

The ideal level of char is often a subject of debate, as some are quick to deem any blackness on the crust as a sign that it is burnt. Every establishment that serves apizza in Connecticut is truly unique. They all have different ratios of sauce to cheese, levels of char, and specialties on the menu.

Connecticut Food: 3 Must-Try Destinations for Apizza

In New Haven, there are three restaurants that serve as the benchmark for all other apizzas. They are Pepe’s, Modern, and Sally’s, and most people in Connecticut are fiercely loyal to one of them.

Wooster Square, the Little Italy of New Haven, is home to Pepe’s and Sally’s. In 1925, Frank Pepe opened his pizzeria, and in 2021, there are twelve Pepe’s locations across Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New York. Meanwhile, Modern is located on State Street a short drive away. In a pre-COVID world, you would often see long lines of people waiting to get their hands on some famous apizza. Currently, the restaurants are only offering takeout, but in the parking lots or on Wooster Street you will find multiple people eating in their cars or having a small tailgate. The menus here are simple, as each place only offers pizza and salad. With the volume of their businesses, it would be difficult to have a more extensive menu, but everyone that comes only has apizza on their mind anyway.

Apizza Specialties to Try

Each of the pizzerias has a specialty that sets their apizza apart from one another. At Pepe’s, you will find their specialties to be a white clam, or in the summertime, a fresh tomato apizza. It is also not uncommon for the chefs at Pepe’s to cut the apizzas into uneven rectangular pieces.

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Frank Pepe Pizzeria – @food_of_ct

Meanwhile, the specialty apizza at Modern is called the “Italian Bomb”, which is topped with bacon, sausage, pepperoni, mushrooms, onions, peppers, and garlic.

Modern’s Apizza – @food_of_ct

At Sally’s, the two specialties are their tomato sauce and white potato apizzas. The white potato apizza should not be confused with mashed potatoes, as this apizza is topped with thinly sliced potatoes and rosemary. To stay consistent and appeal to the majority of palates, we included pictures of a regular mozzarella cheese apizza from each restaurant.

Sally’s Apizza – @food_of_ct

Apizza Honorable Mentions

Though Pepe’s, Modern, and Sally’s are the most well-known, some honorable mentions for New Haven-style apizza are BAR and Ernie’s, also in New Haven, Zuppardi’s, located in West Haven, and Roseland, located in Derby. There are so many other fantastic places for apizza in Connecticut that are on our list to try!

Want to dive deeper, join a Facebook Group

On Facebook, there are two popular groups called “Pizzaholics” and “All About New Haven Style A’pizza (Ah-beetz)™”, where members will post a picture of their pizza to spark a discussion, or ask for pizza suggestions in a specific area.

Members of the group are located all across the country, but the majority of group discussions are often centered around Connecticut apizza. The admins of the “All About New Haven Style A’pizza (Ah-beetz)™” group are referred to as The Pizza Gavones, and they post video reviews of apizza from around Connecticut. They rate each apizza out of 10, similar to Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. Portnoy himself has brought nationwide attention to the New Haven pizzerias, as well as many others in Connecticut, through his “One Bite” reviews.

When a celebrity is in the area, you will often hear that they have been spotted grabbing a slice of apizza. It is truly inspiring to see the effect that New Haven apizza has had in and beyond Connecticut. If you have the opportunity to visit Connecticut, make sure to plan a visit to New Haven for some authentic apizza!

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Written by Jennifer the food blogger behind Instagram at @jeyang.foodfunadventures

Are you traveling and looking for a Must Try Detroit Area Restaurant? You won’t want miss out on Luigi’s Trattoria and Pizzeria.

Hi. I’m Jennifer from @jeyang.foodfunadventures. In Michigan, Governor Gretchen Whitmer issued an order to close all bars and restaurants dine-in from March 16th, 2020. With my outgoing personality and not getting to celebrate my birthday in late March during the stay-at-home order, I missed the experience of dining in. With small businesses in the restaurant industry struggling, I decided to take the opportunity to help out. So, over this past year, I have been working with various mom and pop restaurants in Metro Detroit, to promote their product, and increase their carry out sales, during these trying times. 

On December 11th, 2020, I visited a family-owned restaurant in Livonia, Michigan called Luigi’s Trattoria Pizzeria located at 31530 Plymouth Rd. Where did the restaurant’s name come from? Filippo Mainella, who is the owner, named it after his father, Luigi. Luigi moved to the United States from Italy when Filippo was a child. Filippo gets to work alongside with his son, Tommaso Mainella, who is the General Manager.

History of Luigi’s

Now, let us go back 20 years. When Luigi’s first opened in October 2000, it began simply as a carry-out pizzeria with a counter service. But as the years moved on, the Mainella family realized a shift in dining, and evolved as a full-service restaurant to serve their hungry customers. With the existing infrastructure and more customers ordering entrées other than pizza, the kitchen was not suited properly to handle the high volume, so they addressed the situation by closing the restaurant for two months at the beginning of January 2020 to remodel, something they had been discussing about since early 2018.

Usually right after the New Years is when the restaurant is less busy, so the family remodeled the kitchen, and spruced up the dining room and bar area. Filippo was ecstatic about the new updated kitchen. He brought in an additional stove and changed the setup in the kitchen, to better handle customer’s orders, and make it easier to continue serving its trademark foods. With the reopening on March 1, 2020 comes a new identity, which better reflects its mission and menu. The restaurant got rid of its old name: Luigi’s Pizza Café and replaced it with the name that it is today: Luigi’s Trattoria and Pizzeria.

While the menu remains the same as before, listed below are some of the dishes I got to try!

Let us start with the appetizers.

Must Try Detroit Area Restaurant: Luigi’s Trattoria and Pizzeria – Featured Food:


Arancini is an Italian snack consisting of a ball of rice; typically, risotto, vegetables, mozzarella coated with panko breadcrumbs, and deep fried with a side of marinara sauce.

Chicken Marsala

One of their most popular Italian entrees is the Chicken Marsala. The chicken breast is coated and briefly sauteed. It is then removed from the pan, which is then used to make a Marsala reduction sauce with cream and mushrooms.

Build Your Own Pasta

Everyone has their own preferences, so Luigi’s offer an option to build your own pasta. For example, I built an angel hair with Norcina sauce topped with Italian Sausages.

Popeyes Pizza

You of course cannot forget about their pizza since it originally specialized as a carryout pizzeria. One of their popular pizzas is called Popeye. It is a white pizza topped with spinach, roasted red peppers, fontina, provolone, mozzarella, and herbs.

You do not want to miss out on the desserts from Luigi’s because they offer tiramisu and cannoli with chocolate chips!


Tiramisu is a no-bake Italian dessert combining espresso-dipped ladyfingers, and a creamy sweet mascarpone cream, topped with cocoa powder.


Cannoli consists of a tube-shaped shell of deep-fried pastry dough that are filled with homemade cream sprinkled with chocolate chips.

Food Spread

Luigi’s Trattoria Pizzeria is hands down one of the best Italian restaurants I have been to and a must try Detroit area restaurant. Although I have not tried their entire menu, everything I have eaten was absolutely delicious, and I highly recommend it for anyone in the Metro Detroit area. 

The current full menu for the restaurant can be found at http://luigistrattoriapizzeria.com. If you want to place an order at Luigi’s Trattoria Pizzeria, you call in at 734-261-0600 or order online! They also offer delivery up to a 6-mile radius.

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With new Brooklyn restaurants popping up regularly, Brooklyn is a haven for foodies and food bloggers. It is the ultimate place to be to find trendy new food. In addition, Brooklyn Restaurants arguably have some of the best food in New York City and you don’t want to miss out.  From lavish meals at a classic steakhouse to legendary pizza to delicious bagel destinations to instagrammable brunch spots – Brooklyn Restaurants are known for amazing food. In addition, it has a long history of trend setting food including being home to the original Smorgasborg that has since spread to LA and other Michelin Star restaurants. 

Here is our shortlist of 5 must-try foods in Brooklyn in 2020 – so jump in and take a big bite of what’s new and trendy. 

#5 The New Main House Bacon Cheeseburger 

Main House kosher bar & restaurant, 6001 Strickland Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11234

Are you a cheeseburger lover? Well, we are and this burger stands up to some of the best we’ve had.  With options to combine different meats, you’ll want to load up your favorite combination. Consequently, you’ll have to figure out how you’re going to wrap your mouth around this cheeseburger or at least do it without making a big mess. In other words, this hidden gem is worth the trip to Brooklyn and will keep you coming back for more. It did for us. 

#4 Malted Pancakes

Sunday in Brooklyn, 348 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

We’ve eaten our share of great pancakes, and so it takes an exceptional flapjack to get us excited. However, the malted pancakes at a new brunch hot spot called Sunday in Brooklyn have got us excited. These sweet and indulgent short stacks are everything you could ever want in a pancake and the praline syrup with hazelnut butter whisked with maple syrup takes the experience to the next level. The pancakes are so light and fluffy. As a result, you will want a second round.

#3 Pepperoni Pizza

Lucali’s, 575 Henry St, Brooklyn, NY 11231

Made famous in Netflix ugly delicious, Mark Lacono’s celebrated pizza, is a wonder of the Brooklyn food scene. With three hour or more waits. Foodies and food bloggers flock to this scene – just to chop down on a slide of some of the best pizza they’ve ever had. What’s the excitement about? The hand-stretched dough pizza, is a thin crust, with a simple sauce with clear tomato flavor with an array of deliciously complex cheese. In addition, the mozzarella is incredibly fresh and topped with parmesan after baking. As a result, these wood-fired oven pies are true pizza artistry.  It’s worth the wait.

#2 Savory French Toast

Sisters Brooklyn, 900 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY 11238

Did we say Savory French Toast? Yes, sweet and savory combinations do pair well. If you need proof there is no better option than the Savory Pancakes at Sisters Brooklyn. With French Toast topped with Pulled pork and a sunnyside up egg. Your tastebuds are going to thank you for taking them through this culinary journey.

#1 S’mores Soft Serve

Sunday in Brooklyn, 348 Wythe Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11249

Yes, we are obsessed with Sundays in Brooklyn but can you blame us. Look at this mountain of S’mores Soft Serve, which is a seasonal treat. If you have a sweet tooth like us, you’ll be obsessed with this show stopping dessert, especially in the New York summer heat. Although, you’d probably gobble this up quick, even without the summer heat.

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