Indoor Dining


Anyone else excited about indoor dining? Get the inside scoop on the latest plans in NYC and a unique perspective from Nick D’Ambrosio the blogger behind @drunkennewyork 

With a vaccine now available and glimpses of normalcy on the horizon – at the top of most foodies lists is indoor dining. In this blog post, you will learn more about the latest plans in NYC and what to expect over the next few months, and the experience. For foodies across the country, there is a lot to be excited for. While the Indoor Dining experience will take time to get back to ‘normal’ – it feel so close that we can almost taste it!

Here it is gang, the moment so many of us as patrons and operators have been waiting for! It has been nearly two months since NYC eateries were allowed to have guests sit indoors, and prior to the brief fall reopening, restaurants were closed to indoor dining for seven months.

Returning Back to Restaurant Life

Operators and patrons alike have been chomping at the bit to continue with restaurant life normalcy. Life as an operator has been a struggle to say the least. Many establishments have shuttered their doors for good, over 1,000 to be exact, while others battled harsh winter cold with outdoor setups and take-out business, hoping and praying Governor Cuomo would allow them to make a living soon.

Indoor dining will resume starting, Valentine’s Day, February 14th in NYC, but not without some restrictions and best practices to keep all of us healthy and safe. Restaurants, cafes, and eateries will be allowed to operate at 25% capacity, but some worry if this is enough.

For the smaller establishments, this means potentially 6-8 guests at a time, while the larger ones can serve 10 to 15 times that number of guests. Also Gov. Cuomo mentioned the above will only be allowed if the city continues to see declining Covid-19 positivity and hospitalization rates.

We all need to do our part, to make this a success

It is up to us as individuals to help our restaurant communities by continuing to practice social distancing, wearing our masks, washing our hands, being tested often to help lessen the spread of this pandemic, and if eligible and comfortable, getting the vaccine. The sooner we can battle this virus back, the sooner life can return to normal.

Please be patient. Restaurant owners and workers are trying their best to accommodate everyone, whether it be with take out, outdoor dining, or the upcoming indoor allowance. Remember the operators and staff are required to follow guidelines, rules, and best practices set forth by the CDC and local health officials to keep a safe environment for all of us, including but not limited to, temperature screening, tracing information, social distancing, as well as hygienic best practices. Furthermore, we need to mindful of the restaurant teams serving us, and the fact that they, too, are putting their life on the line, to accommodate us, as we start to enjoy this long-awaited dining shift. You can read about the aforementioned, and full list of best practices on the local NYC small business and health department websites.

We can do this together

Our community thanks all of you for your continued support and patronage, whether it be for outdoor dining, takeout, or soon to be indoor dining. Together when can help our local restaurants navigate through these tough times and keep ourselves and those around us healthy and safe. Cheers to seeing you at a table indoors soon!

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