About Us | Carol Hoang – Owner of Powered by Foodies

Carol Hoang

Hey there! – I am a proud mom, wife, food influencer, small business owner, and I am based in the Bay Area.

About Us | I’m Carol. Creator of Powered by Foodies, a food blog with valuable tips and advice that’s powered by Cravve’s Foodie community – a community of food blog influencers. We cover everything from starting a food blog to advice on popular consumer packaged foods. I am excited to be able to help more foodies reach their food blog potential! 

More About Us:

I started Powered By Foodies in 2020 because I wanted to give food bloggers a better way to find out how to make their food blog career a reality by helping to connect foodies, food businesses and restaurants. The site is dedicated to helping food bloggers find inspiration from other foodies as well as discover new and amazing food trends.

What started as an app to help connect foodies is evolving to a movement that helping to bring foodies closer together and to their food interest. We are just at the beginning of our journey and are so excited about the incredible growth so far!
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