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Boba Places to Try in Dallas-Fort Worth Area

Written by Hazel and Published by Carol Hoang
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Are you curious about what Boba places to try in the Dallas-Fort Worth Area? Or are you a local looking for new boba spot to try? Learn from local food influencer, Hazel the food blogger behind @herloveforfood

Hi, I’m Hazel from herloveforfood; a Bay Area native as well as a former Disney Cast Member who loves to eat and is new-ish to the DFW area.

I’ll admit, one thing I wasn’t expecting when I moved to DFW was the insane amount of Boba places they have here (and Pho, but that’s a different post for a different time)! I haven’t even tried all of the Boba places on my DFW Foodie Bucket List! But over the last few years here, I’ve tried a number of different Boba spots; from their indoor decor to their cute cups and various drink flavors, these are 3 that I deem Instagram worthy:

Boba Places to Try: 1102 Bubbles & Bites

Tucked away in a plaza in Arlington not too far from the mall sits this super cute Boba cafe. The first time I walked in I was captivated by the decor. How the tables looked like they were each their own balcony with flower beds, fairy lights and cozy seats. The other side of the cafe was where your normal tables were. Their in house presentation for their drinks are so pretty! I wish I could have taken the glasses with us! This was also the first place I ever tried Oolong Milk Tea from and what started my obsession!

They recently opened a second location in Fort Worth recently; if you’re nearby I would highly recommend this place! They have a ton of unique Italian Soda flavors, French Soda as well as Milk Tea and Coffee!

Sugar Tiger

It seems like Carrollton is a hot spot for trendy Asian spots and that includes food! Sugar Tiger is thrown into a massive Asian plaza of lots of interesting sounding food spots and cafe’s. But this Boba cafe is crazy. Everything was done in such a time efficient way, from the way they take your order to how prompt your drink comes out. And the drink itself? *chefs kiss (and I have NEVER used that phrase before) there’s just something IN THIS BOBA that is different from ALL OTHER Boba I’ve had. And I’m determined to keep trying it until I figure out just what it is!

Their 4 Milk Boba options come with different types of boba and toppings. They might sound way over the top but they blend in together so nicely. In addition they also have 8 different Tea options with various toppings and add ons as well.

The directions are also interesting, they tell you to shake your cup (upside down and right side up) a total of 15 times. B swore the more he shook it, the better it tasted. Not sure if I can agree with that but maybe he’s right. Regardless, this drink is just simply amazing.

Feng Cha Fort Worth

Stumbled on this place through Facebook and was captivated by their interesting Milk Foam Cakes! They just recently added cake slices as well as cake cups! Our last trip B decided to try something new so he got the Oreo Cheese Milk Tea and the Dirty Boba (which several people before and after us also ordered — and I now see why). I just got my usual Oolong Milk Tea. But next time, def going to get the Dirty Boba!

I’m not sure why I’m just now discovering how delicious Brown Sugar Boba is, but better late than never. They also have a pretty wide range of fruit drinks and teas. Make me wish I was more into tea!

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The decor is so cute! I love the flowers spread across the wall (really makes for a cool background) as well as the huge stuffed bears in the front and the super cute Boba pillow (no really, where can I get one)!

And of course I had to get a Tiramisu Treasure Milk Cake.

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