Food Delivery Needs Change and Chekout Services Is Making it Happen

Written by Jack Lefebvre and Published by Carol Hoang
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Are you looking to try a new food delivery service? Chekout Services, is a Food Delivery app that aims to provide lower costs so you can feel good about ordering again. Find them on Instagram or Download the app.

The newest food-delivery app, Chekout Services, all started with a very simple idea: a delivery service we can all feel good about.

Food Delivery: A Service in Need of Change

There has been no shortage of articles written about the damage certain food delivery apps have brought to the food industry. These apps cut heavily into the restaurants profits on every order while also subjecting customers to additional fees when ordering online delivery. To combat the hit they take to their profits, restaurants are often forced to raise their menu prices on these apps just to make any profit. The inflated cost of the food added to these fees (and then, of course, a tip for the driver) means obscene mark-ups on every order that customers make with a third-party food delivery app. 

Taking on the Change Challenge

At Chekout, we decided that we needed to change that; that it was possible to create a food delivery app with a business model that drove customers to restaurants without pillaging their profits and saved customers money at the same time.  We believe in fair deals, the importance of local communities, and giving entrepreneurs a better chance to succeed. We are putting money back into the hands of those who deserve it. 

Chekout Services: How it all Began

Food delivery is more popular than ever, yet restaurants everywhere continue to struggle and hundreds are closing every week. Chekout Services was started by a team of food lovers, many in NYC, who were devastated to watch many beloved food spots close forever during the COVID-19 pandemic. We had a hard time watching more restaurant owners struggle to pay rent despite getting dozens of delivery orders; how
could established companies seemingly doing a thriving business be struggling so much just to keep their doors open?  

The Costly Reality of Food Delivery Apps

The reason is that behind every order lay an unfortunate reality: the customers are paying huge fees that the restaurants never see. Delivery apps keep these huge fees for themselves. We built Chekout with one goal in mind: save great restaurants. But as we learned more about traditional delivery services, we discovered more reasons why we needed to shake up this industry.

Need #1: Addressing the Costly Middleman

First, the unnecessary fees that customers are paying simply hurts the industry. Everyone wonders (often aloud, often all over social media) why delivery food is so much more expensive than they expect it should be. Getting the food to the customer’s front door is not that expensive: price-gouging and inflated middlemen fees are the reason we pay more. Customers are paying up to 40% just in fees. In today’s economy, no one can afford ridiculously high fees for eating the food they love.

Need #2: Addressing Low Revenue Sharing

Second, there is the low-revenue sharing with restaurants; those 40% percent fees are not going to the restaurants. Delivery services take a massive slice from those fees.

This leaves restaurants in an impossible situation: risk allowing their business to become non-competitive and receiving no orders at all by opting out of delivery services, or be satisfied with the scraps they earn from every order. Restaurant owners have enough keeping their staff and customers safe, paying rent, their revenue-margins thin out day after day, and traditional delivery services are not helping restaurant owners stay open.

Need #3: Elevating Local Restaurants in the Community

Then there is the lack of community outreach. Most delivery services are not directly involved in the community. We want to highlight the brave entrepreneurs, chefs, and foodies that give our community its local flavors. From helping discover the next great brunch spot, to highlighting classic spots that are being overlooked, we are determined to bring the community´s favorite spots into the spotlight.

Introducing Chekout Services

Chekout wants to be a part of, a leader in, the food community that brings us together. We strive to create an online community that involves our customers as well as our restaurant partners. And that community is one that can feel good about food delivery again. We are simple to use, less expensive than the competition, and every order made on Chekout’s platform means 100% profits for the restaurant using our services; they earn as much from the burger that is ordered through us as they would from a customer who walks up
to their counter. 

We wanted to eliminate the high cost of delivery, and we wanted customers to feel good about the fact that ordering delivery would, once again, actually be a way to support their communities’ restaurants, and not just the predatory delivery services. And we can do it, one delivery at a time.

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