280,000 Miles of The Rideshare Foodie

Written by Kreskin J. Torres and Published by Carol Hoang
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Haven’t heard of the Rideshare Foodie? Well, you should get familiar. He is a foodie that is spreading love, positivity and bringing people closer together. Best of all, he is on a mission to conquer eating in all 50 states. He is trying the must-try food according to local Uber and Lyft riders in the cities he visits. Check out his website to learn more at Plus, follow his journey on Instagram or Facebook.

Greetings everyone! My name is Kreskin J. Torres, I am a food blogger from Baltimore, Maryland and at 32 years young I have driven to 45 states! My next drive this summer to Alaska will complete all 50. I am a huge foodie and “Ravens” fan, of course and I have always been a lover of dance, culture, and film.

My Passion: Meeting New People, Seeing New Places

I was raised by a single mother along with my two sisters, I am the oldest. Growing up was difficult where, to be honest, traveling the country seemed like an impossible dream. Throughout my life I always enjoyed meeting new people and seeing new places, so on my 28th Birthday I decided to become a “Yes” Man! Instead of talking about it, I just started doing it.

Eating Jerky in Lincoln, Nebraska

The Rideshare Foodie is Born

Following that I was given the opportunity to vacation for a month of spring in London. I flew back home inspired almost instantly. Experiencing different culture and ways of living really gave me perspective on how extraordinary the world really is. I have always wanted to explore America, so I thought to myself “Why not take my own road trip and explore my Country?” I figured I could just drive my car and fund the trip by driving Uber and Lyft, so I packed up and decided to “live” out of my car for four years.

This allowed me the freedom to experience what I call true America and with technology at hand I can finance my adventures remote. I was used to tourists asking me where to eat when hopping in my car, so I said “Why not ask the locals I pick up where to go eat? I can do the opposite!

By combining the two I thought that it would be interesting and something different. This journey was not planned and to me that has been the exciting part. The fact that I can support local business in every state is an incredible feeling.

Finding My Purpose and Stepping Out of My Comfort Zone

The Queen of Creole at Dooky Chase Restaurant in New Orleans

I meet so many new friends along the way and enjoy every moment. Helping the less fortunate to driving through snowstorms to supply water in the community of Flint, Michigan. I have experienced tire blow outs in Mississippi to drove though the windy mountains of Colorado, Utah, and Oregon. Experiences that were at times a bit scary but was an invigorating experience.

Like myself, I know there are so many others, who enjoy stepping out of their comfort zone. I hope everyone enjoys what I have in-store. My only request, we respect each other’s differences and have fun trying something new.

Remember to love one another and remember to say please and thank you. Manners can take you a long way and just being courteous makes all the difference. My journey is about positivity and spreading that energy to anyone I meet. My journey has been about self-discovery and finding purpose and I have found both.

Sharing My Amazing Foodie Experience while Spreading Positivity

I have had some great experiences and some, not so good but in the end, I would not trade them for anything. America has so much to offer and so many hidden gems. You can visit the Grand Canyon the Black Hills of Mount Rushmore and many more National Parks of the country that few get to or will ever experience.

The Michael Jackson Family House in Gary, Indiana

It is insane that there is always something new to try or an odd but interesting combination dish such as chili and cinnamon rolls. Yes, that is a thing in the Midwest and is huge in states such as Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, and South Dakota. This sweet and savory dish is as American as you can get.

Video: Chili and Cinnamon Roll, Carriage Crossing Restaurant in Yoder, Kansas

Food as A Common Ground to Bring People Together

Twisted Fusion Dishes & Desserts in Des Moines, Iowa

Trust me. Everyone enjoys food and that just happens to be a common ground. We all may have different perspectives and opinions; food is just a way to fellowship as human beings. What started as my way to see the country has become an adventure of a lifetime. Exploring America while meeting the people of America has been extraordinary.

I have met people of all walks of life. We have shared meals while having conversation about life and true happiness. My joy shines through my bubbly personality and my live reactions. I really enjoy sharing my thoughts and reactions from my point of view when visiting each city. Many of my friendships have been built from leaving my comfort zone and simply learning to live.

The Journey to Alaska and Beyond!

I have learned so much from the personal connections that I have established throughout my journey. My biggest trip is to Anchorage, Alaska which will span out to two days of drive time. I will not be in any rush, so exploring the beauty that is Canada would be ideal. Myself and my passport will be ready.

This will be my 49th state and will be a huge achievement that I hope to share with anyone supporting me. After all, 50 states are complete I plan to have a show based on my travels and to start a Rideshare Foodie International! Foodie adventure.

If anything comes my way, I will be ready and know that God has blessed me with everything that I receive. I plan to do whatever I can to make an impact in this country while leaving my mark on the world. I believe that without doubt, I can do anything I put my mind and energy to.

The Future for the Rideshare Foodie… Anything is possible!

I hope to branch out to major events that will be headliners for decades and hopefully provide a platform for those wanting to follow in my footsteps. I believe, that by employing more dreamers there will be plenty of ways to change the world. My biggest goal is to live my dream and leave behind a legacy and who knows with all this eating maybe there is a restaurant or food truck in my future. Hey, it could happen!

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